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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s about Telehealth:


What is telehealth?

  • Telehealth (also called Online Therapy, Teletherapy or Telepsychiatry) is a secure, electronic way to connect with your provider and hold your appointments via a secure video system.


When can I use it?

  • Pending your insurance coverage, you can use telehealth at any time you choose, provided your clinician is available for an appointment. Best case scenarios is when you may not be able to make your in-person appointment, sickness, lack of transportation, or inclement weather. Contact your provider if you wish to switch to telehealth. Most insurance companies offer coverage for this service. Feel free to reach out to your insurance company to find out more, or you can call our main office at (515) 402-4395.


Does it have to be video?

  • Yes, according to the requirements by insurance companies, it must be done via video connection. If there is disconnection, and we are unable to maintain a stable connection, the provider may either reschedule your appointment, or switch to audio under this circumstance.

What happens if I lose connection?

  • When connection is lost, you may use the reload button located at the bottom of your screen along the menu bar.

  • If connection continues to remain lost, try closing completely and logging back in.

  • If connection continues to not stay, your provider will reach out to you via phone to either finish your session or reschedule if necessary.

  • See below for trouble shooting tips.


Can I do telehealth anywhere?

  • To ensure your privacy, and ability to fully utilize your session successfully, you need to be in a private, secure area. Although you can be in a car for privacy, you may not be driving the vehicle while on the session.


Can we do telehealth if I am out of state?

  • If you are not in the state in which your provider is licensed to practice, then your clinician will be unable to meet with you. You may review this information with your provider. 

Do I need to have my camera on while we participate in a telehealth visit?

  • Yes. Most insurances require both audio and visual telehealth connections. 


Can I do housework or other activities while on telehealth with you?

  • It is recommended to not have any other activities or distractions occurring while participating in telehealth so that both you and your clinician can fully invest in your session.


Can you just call me?

  • Insurance companies require both audio and visual connections for telehealth.  In the event of lost connections, telephone could be accessed after attempts to trouble shoot.  See below for trouble shooting tips.


Do I have to be present for my child’s telehealth session?

  • Please discuss this with the provider prior to the appointment. Similar to in-office appointments, an adult may not need to be present for the entire visit. We ask that you treat telehealth just as you would in-person sessions, where the client is allowed personal space to process their thoughts and feelings privately. Alternatively, sometimes parents are a significant part of the visit. This depends on the age of the child and the situation.


How to get connected to your session:

Login to the secure client portal, 

Your upcoming session will be displayed on your Home page. Click any of the details of your upcoming session to open the Session Details page, then click the Start Video Session button- a new window will open. If you have completed the preparatory steps listed in the tech setup section above, you should be taken directly to the virtual meeting room where you and your counselor will conduct your session. A display of what your clinician sees will show in the bottom left, while the rest of the screen will fill with your clinician's camera view. Use the volume and microphone sensitivity dials to adjust sound settings as needed. When the session is finished, close the window to end the connection.


Troubleshooting your session:

To ensure the best possible telehealth session, pleasure ensure the following:

-Test your connection using the secure connection system at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

-If you are using your phone, try to have headphones to assist with volume control.

-We have found that Google Chrome (vs Internet Explorer), is the best for solid connections if using a laptop or desktop.



-Be sure you are in a private secure location. Your provider reserves the right to reschedule if there are others, including friends or unauthorized family members within earshot of the visit.

-Wearing headphones can reduce the potential for others to hear details of your session that would otherwise be projected from speakers. However, wearing headphones alone does not replace being in a private location.

-Turn off notifications on your computer and phone once we are connected.

-Bring tissues. If you were in my office, I'd provide them for you.

-You may be extra cozy because you are somewhere familiar. Remind yourself prior to the session that you are here to do the meaningful work of positive change. Do not use any mood alterating substances during our sessions.

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