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It's time to bring in a speaker on

Mental Health



Intentionally counting your blessings every day may seem like a small thing, like counting pennies. But science has proven and Ramona has witnessed, in her own life and in her practice as a mental health therapist, that this Positive Psychology based technique can change your life. Ramona learned this early on in her banking career as she coordinated the Save For America Program for her bank and her local elementary school. Carrying the evidence of the power of the penny in her billfold for over 20 years, Ramona is equipped to share the mind-blowing evidence that proves that pennies and positive thoughts add up!


with tools to help them get there

Through real-life case studies from her work as a mental health therapist, Ramona shares the 12 ways that her clients are learning to Lead With Love in their lives. This impactful program will give you actionable ideas on how to confront hate with LOVE and make an impact of your own. If you have been looking for a way to make a positive difference in a negativity-filled world, this seminar is for you! LEAD WITH LOVE promises to change your life and the world in powerful ways!



Are you tired of dealing with the problems in your life, personally or professionally? Do things never seem to CHANGE? When you’re in a rut, it’s obvious that the “same old, same old” isn’t working. While that may be obvious, you may feel stuck in knowing how to make the necessary CHANGES to move forward and better your life. If that’s your situation, this presentation is custom designed for YOU!  In this seminar, you’ll receive step by step instructions on how you can CHANGE your life forever! If you’re ready to get out of the rut, if you’re tired of spinning your wheels and going nowhere, if you’re ready to CHANGE, book Ramona as your next speaker!


Meet Ramona

As a motivational public speaker, Ramona’s style is best described as simple, straight-forward and uplifting. Ramona’s captivating personality quickly grabs and holds the attention of her audience. Whether she’s speaking to a small group of farmers at a local café, or addressing a mega-crowd of executives at an urban conference center, or leading people of faith who gather at a church, Ramona channels her God-given gifts and her on-fire passion to reach people. Her mission is to deliver power-packed, customized messages to aide attendees in living their best life and accomplishing their professional and/or personal goals.


A few more notable mentions about Ramona: 

  • She is a licensed mental health counselor

  • She graduated from Drake University with her Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Iowa, majoring in Mass Communications and minoring in Journalism

  • She is a recognized motivational speaker, recently featured on the cover of Iowa Banking Magazine

Ramona has an innate ability to quickly connect with people in a personal and authentic manner which allows her clients and her audience to feel safe and comfortable in her presence.  Her zone of genius is equipping and empowering others to discover the answers they have been searching for. 

Watch Ramona's Story

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Ramona In Action

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Ramona’s “Pennies of Positivity” session is worth your time and pocket change! Not a day goes by where I do not hear more than one person identify a positive moment and say “move a penny” . Ramona is a very engaging speaker that will work with you to develop the content applicable to your situation.  I highly recommend her!

M.R., Senior Vice-President of Operations

Ramona Wink is the kind of speaker that will make you laugh, look at your life differently and CHANGE your perspective on what’s happening around you. She has a way of affecting you at your core, leaving you changed for the better!

Adam Carroll, Consultant & Speaker

National Financial Educators

Ramona’s passion for connecting with others is apparent when she speaks. Our group was engaged throughout her presentation and loved the ideas and tactical steps she provided to implement in our daily lives.

Stephanie Cox, Education Events Manager

Iowa Credit Union League


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