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The Well-being Of Your Employees Is Key To Your Business Success.

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Ramona and Storey Kenworthy/Workspace Senior Leadership Team
Ramona speaking to West Des Moines Chamber Of Commerce event for women leaders. 
Ramona Wink and John Kenworthy, CEO  and President Storey Kenworthy
Ramona Wink logo
Ramona Wink logo
Ramona Wink logo

Storey Kenworthy/Workspace Senior Leadership Team

Front L-R: Jim Mueller, Ramona Wink, Julie Beinke

Back L-R: John Kenworthy, Glenn Oberlin, Ryan Boyington, Lincoln Dix

Not Pictured: Ryan Boese

L-R: Ramona Wink and John Kenworthy, CEO

and President Storey Kenworthy

Ramona speaking to West Des Moines Chamber Of Commerce event for women leaders. 

Ramona Wink

As a business consultant, Ramona takes companies who are experiencing tension, unresolved conflicts, and culture challenges and transforms them into bonded, respectful, vulnerable and trust-filled organizations.
Ramona quickly builds rapport with executive teams and works with them to customize a program that will ensure they are elevating their work to the highest level! 

A personalized package typically includes attending and offering feedback at executive team meetings, on-site coaching, and off-site retreats. Ramona engages high performing leaders by using such tools as a Values Assessment, the Enneagram, Johari’s Window, the Social Styles Model, Soft Skills Training, Self-Care Techniques and more. 

Business Consulting


“Our Senior Leadership Team engaged with Ramona to help us get re-acquainted and re-build trust.  Her knowledge, wisdom and guidance have been an excellent resource to help us learn active listening, be curious and be present in our conversations with each other.  She has gotten us to lean in, get vulnerable and most importantly “Trust the Process”.  The end result has all been change for the better. I would highly recommend Ramona Wink for your business consulting needs.”

John Kenworthy, CEO and President, Storey Kenworthy

Ramona Wink

From the stage, Ramona's super-power as a motivational speaker is to share the stories that she hears in her therapist's chair, with details changed to protect her clients' confidentiality, normalizing the fact that mental health issues are real! She's quick to connect with audiences of any size and her warm and engaging personality makes people feel right at home. Her messages are packed with tools and techniques that audience members can learn and demonstrate in their lives to achieve and maintain mental wellness.

Motivatioal Speking



Break Free From Stress, Anxiety and Burnout

Stress, anxiety and burn-out negatively impact employees and the workplace through decreased productivity, increased turnover and culture deterioration. Partnering with a mental health expert is the answer! 

In this 60-minute presentation, attendees will learn to identify and differentiate symptoms, take the Stress Related Growth Scale assessment, learn the art of
re-framing, and mindfulness based coping skills to reduce their symptoms.



The Key To Great Management Isn't What you Think

Feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared, managers are suffering mentally. This presentation delivers strategies to reduce mental health symptoms and aid managers in leveling up their leadership skills.

In this 60-minute presentation, managers will practice active listening, demonstrating empathy, asking curious questions, using consistent eye contact, open body language, and providing positive encouragement. After attending this seminar, alignment between managers and direct reports will improve, resulting in higher efficiency, productivity, and better communication. 

Magnifying glass

It’s easy to see the clutter in our co-worker’s cubicle that drives us nuts. It’s hard not to hear the annoying way our manager clears their throat. But here’s the problem: Focusing on the smudge will wire our brains to be more vulnerable to mental health issues.

In this 60-minute presentation, attendees will learn the basics of mindfulness, participate in a guided meditation, practice gratitude, and re-framing. The overall workplace culture will improve as people demonstrate the techniques learned in this session in their place of employment.

Woman sitting, with the words "open", "hidden", "blind", and "unknown"

What Window Are You Looking Through?

As a mental health therapist, many of Ramona Wink’s clients come to her with one clear goal- to know themselves more fully. The reason for that is clear- not having a strong sense of self-awareness has a negative impact on people’s personal and professional lives. 

In this 60-minute presentation, Ramona Wink will introduce attendees to the Johari’s Window model. Through offering self-disclosure and asking for feedback, attendees will expand the open quadrant and function at a higher level.

Don't Focus On
The Smudge


“I hired Ramona to speak at the Iowa Employment Conference and the Missouri Employment Conference. I believed she would do justice to the topic of mental health. What we weren’t counting on was how FANTASTIC Ramona really was! From the moment she started speaking, Ramona commanded the stage. Ramona is a natural story teller and had our attendees hanging on every word. The old saying goes, “You could hear a pin drop. But with Ramona speaking, you could hear our attendees’ hearts beating! After hosting the Iowa Employment Conference for over 16 years, Ramona left a lasting impression on everyone! The surveys proved what we knew- Ramona is FANTASTIC!"
Nan Boland, President, HireQuality Solutions, Iowa Employment Conference/Missouri Employment Conference

Ramona Wink

Helping high achieving professionals feel safe and supported to identify and remove obstacles that hinder them from living their best life, personally and professionally, is a strong suit for Ramona. She is quick to understand their world and gifted in asking challenging questions to increase their insight about themselves and their environment. Whether it's a few sessions with Ramona or a long-term coaching relationship, executives will see that the investment they make in themselves will pay big dividends.

Execuive Coaching

Executive Coaching

A few hours with Ramona will change your life. I had spent years reading the
best-selling books on successful habits, personal philosophies, and motivation. I attended any personal-improvement courses that my employer offered. Honestly, I never found any long-term change. In my first meeting with Ramona, I learned more about myself than I had in all my reading and learning combined. I felt like I was talking to an old friend as she helped me see what was missing in my life. I am a totally different person today, and I owe most of it to Ramona.

Tom Hillers, Attorney


Ramona Wink
Ramona Wink logo


Ramona Wink is a licensed mental health counselor, business consultant, and motivational public speaker with 515 Therapy and Consulting in West Des Moines.
She graduated with her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Drake University and with her BA in Mass Communications from the University of Iowa. 
Ramona is passionate about her work as a business consultant and motivational public speaker because it allows her to make a positive impact on even more people. In addition to seeing clients full time, in the last two years, Ramona has delivered nearly 100 presentations across Iowa and the Midwest. 

Ramona was recently appointed by Governor Kim Reynolds to serve on the Iowa Board of Behavioral Sciences.


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