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515 Therapy Update (9/21/2020)

We know this is an unsettling and challenging time. We are committed to your mental health and will continue to provide excellent continuity of care throughout this unique global event.  

515 Therapy and Consulting is Offering Routine Online Therapy/Telehealth by Phone or Video

In-Office Appointments are Becoming Increasingly More Available - Please Ask Your Provider

We are currently:


  • Urging you to keep your mental health care appointments, but encouraging the use of Online Therapy/Telehealth where appropriate to do so. Please contact your insurance to see if this type of mental health service is covered and what your cost share will be. Generally, your cost share is the same as your copay or co-insurance for in-office appointments, however policies vary and some policies do not cover telehealth.

  • Regularly monitoring National Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization and othegovernmental agency guidelines.

  • Continually revising our robust cleaning and disinfecting protocol for any in-office appointments.

  • Requesting individuals in a high-risk health category postpone in-office visits and elect Telehealth, when feasible. (Patients over 65 years old or individuals with health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, moderate to severe asthma, lung disease, or immunosuppression.)

If you are scheduled for an in-office appointment at one of our clinics, you will be asked to sign the Informed Consent prior to attending and will be asked a series of screening questions by your provider at the start of your appointment.  The Informed Consent is found on our patient portal and the screening will be done in person.

Please review a copy of the Informed Consent and in-office screening questions above in the orange boxes.


We look forward to continuing to serve you!

515 Therapy and Consulting

COVID-19 Updates and Information