515 Therapy Update (8/2/2021)

515 Therapy and Consulting Continues to Offer Routine Secure Video Telehealth as Well as

In-Office Appointments - Please Talk to Your Provider About Your Preference

We are currently:


  • Encouraging the following Lobby Recommendations: The CDC recommends both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people wear masks in public, indoor settings, to help prevent the spread of the Delta variant, and protect others.

  • Our providers reserve the right to require masks for in-office visits in certain situations (if there is less than 6 feet between us, individuals are not fully vaccinated, or there are immunocompromised or other issues warranting the use of masks). Please talk with your provider for details.

  • If you would like to wear a mask during in-office appointments, please let your clinician know, and they will accommodate your request. 

  • We will continue to offer telehealth (as well as in-office appointments). If you are interested in continuing or starting telehealth, please contact your insurance to see if this type of mental health service is covered and what your cost share will be. Generally, your cost share is the same as your copay or co-insurance for in-office appointments, however policies vary and some policies do not cover telehealth.

  • We are regularly monitoring National Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization and other local governmental agency guidelines for recommendations.

  • We are continually revising our cleaning and disinfecting protocol for any in-office appointments

  • We request individuals who are ill with covid-19 symptoms not attend in-office appointments, and instead, re-schedule for telehealth. Even if you think it's the common cold/flu virus, please err on the side of caution. Telehealth is a great way to still get your appointment in, if you are up for it, but under the weather for any reason!

If you are new to 515 Therapy and Consulting, you will be asked to sign an Informed Consent pertaining to Covid-19 and in-office appointments. Please review a copy of the Informed Consent above in the orange box.


We look forward to continuing to serve you!

515 Therapy and Consulting

COVID-19 Updates and Information